Video Consultations & Personalised Exercise RoUTINES

 Are You Unable to see a Physio in Person? 
 Social Distancing, Isolation or Working From Home, but still in   pain? Get Help Now via our Online Service

Video Consultations

45 or 30 minute video consultations with a Specialist Physio from the comfort of your own home.

Personalised Exercise Programmes

Personalised exercise programmes  using Physitrack software downloadable to a  free app

Spinal Problems

Back Pain / Neck Pain / Sciatica

Age Related Problems

Arthritis / Stiffness / Weakness

Upper Limb Problems

Shoulder Pain / Elbow/ Hand Wrist

Lower Limb Problems

Hip Pain, Injured Knee, Ankle Pain

How Can Online Physio Work?

I know what you’re thinking, physiotherapy needs to be in person.  Make no mistake we still do hands on treatment in the clinic, but with over 30 years experience of treating patients face to face, its apparent that many people just need expert advice and specific progressive exercises to get the results they want. This can be easily delivered online at greater convenience for yourself. Look below to discover how the process actually works:

Who Can We Help?

We can help many people who are unable to see a Physiotherapist in person. Not every problem is suitable for our service, but many are. In fact recent research indicates that up to 4/5 musculoskeletal problems could be helped by advice and exercise. 

So if you’re self isolating due to coronavirus but know that you still need physiotherapy, we can help with expert advice and personalised exercise programmes.


What is the Process?

The online physiotherapy service is based around two components. 

Arranging a video consultation / assessment over the internet between yourself and a very experienced Chartered Physiotherapist which will result in a personalised plan of action.

Treatment is delivered via exercise and advice, using web based exercise software that allows presciption of a specific exercise programme that you follow at home. 


1.Book Your Initial Consultation

You will need to book a 45 minute appointment for your initial consultation. Make sure you have good internet service, a private space to be in and be dressed in loose clothing so that the problem area can be viewed.

2. Fill in a Pre-Assessment Form

This gives us an idea of what the problem is and prepares the physio so that the assessment process is as efficient as possible. We will also be able to check in advance that your problem is suitable for our online service.

3. Get Online at the Appointment Time

Make sure you’re in a quiet space giving you some privacy . Check your internet is working well and the camera and microphone are working. Follow the instructions on your appointment confirmation email to connect with your online physio.

4. Complete the Video Consultation

Your online physio will discuss your problem with you and then ask you to do some physical tests to help with the diagnosis and creation of a plan of action. Your physio will  then talk you through the treatment options and start your treatment plan.

5. Follow your Personalised Treatment Plan

Obviously the most important part!! Your online physio will provide you with a link to a personalised online exercise programme that you can access on computer or through a free app on your phone.

6. Book a Follow Up Appointment If Required.

Your online physio will advise you as to whether  follow up sessions will be required and at what frequency is recommended to get the best results


Initial Assessment  Consultation


Pre -assessment review of your medical information
45 minute Video Consultation
Personalised exercise programme to your computer or smartphone.
1 week follow up via email or via the app

£50 £40

Follow Up Consultation

This is only bookable after you’ve completed your Initial Assessment.
30 Minute Video Consultation
Progression / Alteration of your exercise programme if required.
1 week follow up via email or via the app

£35 £30

About Me

Your Online Physio is operated by Tim Storr MSc MCSP a Chartered Physiotherapist with over 30 years experience of treating musculoskeletal problems.

Tim is HCPC registered and has operated his physical clinic in Alfreton, Derbyshire for 24 years, treating thousands of patients with joint / muscle/ tendon /ligament and nerve pains.

Your Online Physio was launched in 2020 to offer online physiotherapy consultations to patients throughout the UK.